Lung Cancer - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Prevention

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Lungs are a very important organ of our body. Lungs control our breathing. It converts blood rich in carbon dioxide into blood rich in oxygen. More than 13 lakh people die every year due to lung cancer. Among them, the number of elderly people is high. Tuberculosis causes severe lung damage. Airway diseases mainly include asthma, COPD, bronchial tumors and other endobronchial infections. Common lung diseases are – Asthma, Pneumonia, COPD, Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Hypertension, Cystic Fibrosis.

Lung cancer symptoms and treatment
Lung Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Lung Cancer?

When uncontrolled cell growth occurs in the lung tissues. Lung cancer occurs when this growth of cells leads to metastasis, invasion of neighboring tissues and infection outside the lung. In most cases, lung cancer is caused by long-term tobacco use.

Know Some Signs Of Lung Problems

A strong minded person will be able to talk about and understand his daily physical condition. Although lung problems are more common in elderly people, remember that there is no age limit for diseases. Know some signs of lung problems:

  • Frequent colds and coughs.
  • Coughing up blood.
  • Shoulder and back pain on waking.
  • Difficulty while breathing.
  • Feeling tired all the time.
  • Chest phlegm problem.
  • chest pain.
  • fever.
  • Finger swelling.
  • Difficulty speaking.

People Who Are At Risk Of Lung Cancer

All people can develop lung cancer, but 90% of lung cancer cases are caused by heavy smoking. Another major cause is exposure to the naturally being radioactive gas, radon. Radon can indeed enter through small cracks present in the foundation. Heavy smokers and people exposed to radon are at increased threat of developing lung cancer.  Exposure to hazardous chemicals, especially over long periods of time, can also cause lung cancer. Some substances cause lung cancer. The substances are arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel, petroleum products, uranium etc. A family history of lung cancer can cause this problem. It is a genetic problem.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer has come the most deadly in the world moment, says the World Health Organization. But there are numerous of us who ignore the symptoms of lung cancer. Again, lung cancer symptoms may not always appear in the primal stages. But the sooner you catch lung cancer, the easier it's to treat. Coughing most of the time. Symptoms of lung cancer:

  • Coughing up blood
  • Weaknesses
  • Shortness of breath
  • Change in cough sound or chest pain when coughing
  • Shortness of breath while doing something
  • Blood in coffee
  • Chest or shoulder pain
  • Chest infection
  • weight loss
  • tiredness

How To Keep The Lungs Healthy?

There is no alternative to keeping our lungs fresh for healthy living. We ourselves can keep our lungs fresh by following some rules.

  • Abstain from smoking.
  • Breathe in and hold it.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Vitamin E, mineral salts and omega-3 fatty acid foods help to supply oxygen to the lungs and prevent inflammation.
  • Honey has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which cleanse the lungs.
  • Foods rich in vitamin D are very effective in preventing lung inflammation.
  • Tulsi leaves are rich in antioxidants.
  • Black cumin works very well to keep the lungs healthy.
  • There is no substitute for vitamin C rich foods.

Treatment of lung cancer

80 to 90% of lung cancer can be cured if it is caught early in the current modern medical system. Treatment of lung cancer depends on the type of disease. Two types of Lung cancer. 1. Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and 2. Small cell lung cancer.

 1. Treatment for non-small cell lung cancer
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Neoadjuvant treatment
  • Targeted treatment
  • Immunotherapy
2. Treatment for small cell lung cancer
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Preventive radiation therapy
  • Surgery
  • Look up details
Targeted therapy specifically targets cancer cells. This is very different from chemotherapy. Targeted treatment works by targeting specific gens or proteins to stop the growth of lung cancer cells. Doctors often use advanced and targeted treatment methods for lung cancer along with chemotherapy and other methods.

Healthy Foods For Lungs

To maintain good fitness we have to look at many aspects. Along with regular physical exercise, it is also necessary to pay attention to food and drink. Let's take a look at what to eat to keep lungs healthy.

1. Green Tea: Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants which help your body to detox i.e. release waste products accumulated in the body. Also reduces inflammation or inflammatory problems such as acidity or heartburn. It also helps in maintaining good lung health.

2. Oats And Berries: Oats are great for snacking. It contains a thousand times. And various berries contain a lot of antioxidants. So if you mix these two ingredients and eat them, your lung health will be good.

3. Beetroot: Beetroot basically helps to improve blood circulation and oxygen intake in your body. If these two things are good, the lungs will be good. So you can add beetroot to your daily menu in different ways. You can eat beetroot in salad or curry. Beetroot juice is also beneficial.

4. Green Vegetables: A variety of green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli – are rich in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation. This keeps your lungs healthy. If the problem of acidity is reduced, the problem of lungs is reduced.

5. Light Hot Lemon Water: Many people have the habit of mixing lemon juice with a little hot water and taking it on an empty stomach in the morning. As this drink helps in shedding excess body fat, it also keeps the body hydrated i.e. In addition to this, it helps in the elimination of various pollutants or toxins accumulated in the body. That is, this mild hot lemon water helps in body detoxification. In this case you can mix a little honey if you want.

If there is an infection or any problem in the lungs, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately without neglecting it. Those prone to colds should be careful. Because cold, cough can increase the amount of infection in the lungs.

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