What are The Best Natural Home Remedies for Cough

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Many old people and children suffer from coughs during the winter. It can be seen that more or less everyone is suffering from coughs throughout the winter. Why do you need antibiotics if you have a cough? But it is our common belief that winter is coming, coughs are coming, and we need antibiotics. But never. Antibiotics are not for all coughs.

What are The Best Natural Home Remedies for Cough
The Best Natural Home Remedies for Cough

What Is The Cause Of A Long Time Cough?

The chilly air from Konkan is making a lot of people cold. Thus, misery exists. Pain is increased by coughing, sneezing, runny noses, sore throats, etc. The contagious bacteria causing this issue are not stationary. And he assaults everybody he discovers to be weak. Throughout the winter, there are five main causes of prolonged coughing:

1. Asthma

People suffering from asthma are more likely to cough in the winter. They are seen suffering from coughs all the time. That's why Best Nutrition advises you to use some medicines and inhalers regularly.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

2. Chronic bronchitis

This is due to inflammation in our airways. Especially those who smoke suffer from COPD, or chronic bronchitis. They are more susceptible to infection during the winter and suffer from coughs most of the time.

3. Infection

We can divide the infection into two categories. 

  1. Viral infections
  2. Bacterial infections.
Infection with the virus increases during the winter. It can be seen that patients get affected by coughs very easily. When we think of an infection, most of the time it is caused by a virus, and not every virus attack requires antibiotics.

Both viral and bacterial infections tend to increase slightly during the winter. When the patient is suffering from pneumonia or bronchitis due to a bacterial attack, phlegm will appear, and the phlegm will be yellow in color. In these cases, doctors usually advise antibiotics.

4. Allergens

During winter, the doors and windows are blocked, and the amount of dust and sand in the house increases a little. Besides, we have a lot of exposure to plane dust. Due to the absence of rain, the amount of allergens in the air increases, but many people are affected by cough. People who are suffering from cold allergies or allergy-related problems are seen to be suffering from coughs for a long time.

5. Postnasal Drip

People with allergy problems find that mucus from the nose irritates the throat and causes a dry cough, and the problem is a little worse in winter.

Many patients suffer from chronic coughs during the winter due to these five main reasons.

When should I consult a doctor?

A cough in the winter will always happen if you don't seek medical help. If you follow some home remedies, you can save yourself from coughing in the winter, but if these symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor without delay.

  • High fever with a cough.
  • If there is a lot of phlegm, especially ripe yellow-colored or foul-smelling phlegm.
  • If blood comes out with phlegm.
  • If the weight continues to decrease gradually.
  • If the patient has distaste in the mouth.
In these cases, you must consult a doctor without delay.

What are The Best Natural Home Remedies for Cough?

Cold and cough problems occur in any season, whether summer, monsoon, or winter. At this time, headaches, chest pain, accumulation of phlegm in the chest, coughs, and shortness of breath become routine. People with cold allergies are most at risk during this time. Some consider it a minor problem and ignore it. But this is not right. Some also take medicine to avoid the problem. But it is possible to solve these problems by domestic means. Know some home remedies for colds and coughs.

1. Consuming Liquid Food

Drink liquid foods like hot water, ginger tea, herbal tea, and soup. Liquid food helps us to loosen up better, thereby helping the phlegm to flow out of the body. A large amount of fluid is needed when coughing.

2. Mix Lemon and Honey with Water and Eat

Lemon contains vitamin C, and honey has anti-microbial properties. Lemon and honey mixed with warm water will help a lot to relieve coughs. But, of course, honey cannot be used if you are suffering from diabetes.

3. Rest

Addict Rest is what you need whenever you have a cough or infection. Taking rest helps your body boost its immune system. It helps treat the infection you have.

4. Tulsi Leaves and Ginger

Boil some basil leaves and ginger in a cup of water. When the water boils, put it down. Drinking this water at least twice a day will reduce the risk of colds and coughs.

5. Garlic

Garlic is rich in antioxidants, which play an important role in fighting colds. It also contains antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, which can prevent infection.

6. Bathe in Hot Water

You can take a regular hot steam bath or a lukewarm bath.

7. Exercise

Some exercise is essential during the winter to boost immunity and keep your body healthy. You can walk, do light exercise, do some breathing exercises, or do yoga or meditation.

Apart from these, some medicines are definitely needed. If antibiotics are needed, the doctor can give antibiotics after necessary tests or different types of syrups; antihistamines are given by the doctor.

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