Effective Foods and Ways to Boost Immunity in the Body

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We are surrounded by various bacteria and viruses all around us. But do we always get sick? No, but we are not always sick. The immune system is the main trigger of this. Today, there are some tips on how to boost or strengthen the immune system.
Effective Foods and Ways to Boost Immunity in the Body
Effective Foods and Ways to Boost Immunity in the Body
When COVID came a few years ago, as tips on how we can protect ourselves from it, China, Japan, and Korea said that we can boost our immune systems by eating and drinking. Today I will talk about the things in our body that are related to this immune system.

Vitamin D

Whether we believe it or not, vitamin D is directly connected to the immune system. But do we actually get enough vitamin D every day? No, I don't. So elderly people need about 800 to 1000 IO vitamins daily. We can get it from eggs, cracked fish, various vegetables, or sunlight. But if we do not eat it in sufficient quantity, then the demand for vitamin D is not met.

So it is said that we can take vitamin D as a supplement, but at a young age. But we don't do that. When do we feel the need to take vitamin D supplements, say after 30 years of age, when our hands and feet rub, knees hurt, and pain starts? Then I go to the doctor, and the doctor says it's vitamin D deficiency or osteoporosis. Then we take vitamin supplements. But w.h.o. According to this, we can take vitamin supplements at different times of the year from the age of 12.

On the other hand, a misconception is that everyone says that the best source of vitamin D is sunlight. But one thing to remember is that how much vitamin D will be synthesized in our body but the skin color of our body is highly dependent on it. That is, we Asians have a dark skin tone, and this dark skin tone cannot synthesize vitamin D very much. So you might be thinking I'm sitting in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes daily, but your body isn't synthesizing enough vitamin D, maybe because of your skin tone.

White blood cell (WBC)

It is a part of our blood cells. This is the part where, when a bad bacteria virus enters your body, the WBC, or white blood cells, make sure that your body has entered the bad stuff and starts fighting it. So if the body has to fight against our immunity, then it has happened that we have to keep the body healthy.

The best way to keep it healthy is to eliminate sugar from our diet or eat less of it. Research has shown that sugar reduces the efficiency of WBC by about 40 to 50 percent, and this applies to children.

Vitamin C

We may be eating vitamin C. Every day we may be eating some lemons, eating green chilies, or eating some sour fruits, but due to a mistake, many times the effectiveness of vitamin C is destroyed. That is, lemon season is going on, so this season I am cutting lemons and storing them in the fridge. But this method is completely wrong because vitamin C is destroyed in extreme temperatures and extreme cold. Therefore, you can get the source of vitamin C by keeping fresh vegetables and fruits outside of normal temperature for a few days without storing them in the refrigerator.

Maintain Good Stomach Health

Everything is good if the stomach is healthy, so to maintain good stomach health, you need to consume food with prebiotics or probiotics. We can get prebiotics from various green vegetables and dairy products.

Eat These Foods Every Day to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

Immune Booster Foods can be Taken

1. Turmeric: Immune booster foods are foods that help us boost our immunity. One of those foods is turmeric. We all have it in our kitchen. So every day, at least with milk, or those who cannot drink milk must have 1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon of turmeric in warm water. It will help boost your immunity.

2. Citrus Fruits: Rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemon, and limes help to product more white blood cells, which are essential for battling infections.

3. Red Bell Peppers: Packed with beta carotene and even more vitamin C than citrus fruits, red bell peppers may help maintain the health of your skin and eyes.

4. Broccoli: One of the healthiest veggies you can eat, broccoli is full of vitamins A, C, and E along with a host of other antioxidants and fiber.

5. Garlic: Research has shown that garlic has a component called allicine, which boosts immunity. It also possesses anti-inflammatory qualities.

6. Ginger: Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, ginger may help boost immunity and lessen inflammation.

7. Spinach: Packed in beta carotene, antioxidants, and vitamin C, spinach may help strengthen our immune systems capacity to fight infection.

8. Yogurt: Yogurt and other fermented foods include probiotics, or healthy microorganisms that support gut health. An immune system that is robust depends on a healthy stomach.

9. Almonds: High in vitamin E, an antioxidants that aids in preventing cell damage, almonds are a healthy food choice. They also have good fats strengthen the immune system.

10. Green Tea: Packed with of antioxidants called flavonoids, green tea has the potential to strengthen the immune system. Moreover, it has an amino acid called L-theanine that could aid in your T cells' production of more anti germ substances.

Alcohol and Smoking

Although we are a Muslim country, alcohol consumption is very rampant in our country these days. But it is harmful to our bodies. Earlier, people used to smoke a lot. Our advice is to stop smoking to stay well, and now it is being added that alcohol consumption should be reduced. So if you want to boost your immunity, then you have to stop both alcohol and smoking.

Better Sleep

There are certain hormones in our body that help us stay healthy or increase immunity. But it can be seen that many people sleep at two or three in the night to use devices at night and get up early for work again in the morning, so our sleep is not complete. So if you want to stay healthy, you should ensure at least six to eight hours of sleep daily.

Reduce Stress Level

Many people are so stressed that they sit at home thinking that their child may have met with an accident or gotten into trouble at school. Maybe she's stuck in her kid's bathroom with no one watching. You have to get yourself out of such thinking.

If you can't reduce your stress level on your own, then consult a doctor. If you can't reduce your stress level, the foods suggested by "Best Nutrition" will not help you.

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